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SBI Net Banking Online Registration

Register and Activate Net Banking in SBI :  State Bank of India is definitely the leading bank in India. It provides its account holders with numerous facilities including Net Banking(or Internet Banking). By the use of SBI Net Banking, you can perform a lot of transactions sitting at the comfort of your home. Some of the most used facilities in SBI Net Banking are funds transfer, balance check, cheque book request, block SBI debit card, request new debit card, aadhaar card linking, e-statement generation, bill pay etc. If you have already opened a bank account in SBI, you can use the SBI Net Banking facility absolutely free of cost. One you have a Net Banking Account in SBI, you can easily use all the facilities provided by SBI Internet Banking. Before you could start using the Internet Banking facility of SBI, you need to complete the SBI Net Banking Registration Online.

Any person who has not used SBI Net Banking ever will have to follow the process of SBI Net Banking Online Registration. In this article we will tell you each and everything you want to know about registration of SBI Net Banking and will also give you answers to the frequently asked questions.

Before we tell you about the SBI Net Banking registration process, there are 2 things which you need to have ready with you :

  • SBI Debit/ATM Card
  • Mobile Number Registered with SBI

Note: Those who do not have ATM Card can also follow the process but they will have to visit their Home Branch for completing the process.

How to Register and Activate SBI Net Banking Online?

In order to complete the Activation of SBI Net Banking account, you need to follow the simple steps given below :

1) Open the Official Website of SBI Net banking : https://www.onlinesbi.com

2) Click on ‘New User Registration’.

Note : A dialogue box will appear which will tell you that if you have already obtained the SBI Net Banking kit from the branch, you do not need to proceed and you can use the Username and Password given in your kit to login to your SBI Net Banking Account.

3) Click on ‘Ok’ to continue.

4) Now you will need to fill up your SBI Account related details :

Account Number : Enter your SBI Account number exactly as in your Passbook or Statement.

CIF Number : Enter your CIF Number(Customer Information File Number) as you see in your SBI Passbook/Statement.

Branch Code : You can find your Branch Code on your Passbook or you can search for your branch on our site and get the Branch Code.

Country : Enter your country of residence. All Indian citizens must select ‘India’

Registered Mobile Number : Enter your mobile number registered with SBI.

Facility Required : Select ‘Full Transaction Rights’ here.

Kindly note that Limited Transaction Rights will not give you the right to access everything within your SBI Net Banking Account and View Rights will only give you read only access. So, to have complete rights over your transactions we have suggested you to select Full Transaction Rights.

5) Enter the Captcha Text as show in the Image and click on ‘Submit’. After clicking on Submit, you will receive an OTP(One Time Password) on your registered mobile number.

6) Enter the OTP received on your Mobile Number and click on Confirm.

7) Now, you will see 2 Options under Internet Banking Registration :

  • I have my ATM Card (Online Registration without Branch Visit)
  • I do not have my ATM Card (Activation by Branch Only)

As you have your ATM Card with you, therefore you need to select the 1st option i.e., I have my ATM Card (Online Registration without Branch Visit). This option will help you complete SBI Net Banking Registration using Debit Card. Those who do not have an ATM Card can choose the 2nd option and visit the Branch for SBI Internet Banking Activation.

On the next screen, you will be taken to Payment Gateway where you need to make a transaction of Rs.1 for validation of your SBI Debit Card.

8) Enter the following Card details and Captcha(as shown in Image) and Click on ‘Submit’ :

  • SBI Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Your Full Name as on your Debit Card

Once the Payment is successful, you will be able to see your Temporary Username and two spaces to enter and confirm your new Login Password.

9) Set a Login Password of your Choice and click on Submit. You need to enter the same password in both the boxes i.e., Enter New Login Password and Confirm New Login Password.

That’s it! As soon as you click on Submit, your SBI Net Banking Activation Process is complete.

10) Now, Visit the Online SBI login page to login to your SBI Net Banking account for the first time. Use your Temporary Username and Login Password to sign in to your Net Banking Account.

Here you can setup your New Username, Login Password and Profile Password to continue using your SBI Net Banking Account. This is how SBI Net Banking new user registration is done.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1) Can I apply for SBI net banking online without an ATM?

A.1) Yes, you can apply for SBI Net Banking online without an ATM or Debit Card. But for activation of your Net Banking Account, you will have to visit your SBI Home Branch.

Q.2) What are the proofs needed to apply for internet banking in SBI?

A.2) If you are applying online, you do not need any proofs. However, you will need your Debit Card and Registered Mobile Number with you.

If you are applying for SBI Internet Banking offline by visiting the branch, you can carry your SBI Passbook as a proof. You will just need to fill up a form for registration of Internet Banking Account. Your signature will be verified and you will be handed over the Net Banking kit with username and passwords.

Q.3) How can you activate net banking in SBI?

A.3) In order to activate Net Banking in SBI, you can follow the online or the offline procedure. All account holders who have SBI ATM Card with them can activate SBI Net Banking online and those who do not have SBI ATM Card need to visit their Home Branch for completing SBI Online Banking Activation process.

Q.4) How can I cancel my registration for SBI internet banking?

A.4) You can use the Lock User Access option on the homepage of Online SBI Login Page.

Q.5) How can I get my SBI User ID?

A.5) You can either get your user ID Online by creating an Internet Banking account with SBI or you can apply for net banking account by visiting your Home Branch and you will be getting your SBI User ID and Password with the Net Banking kit.

Q.6) What is the username of SBI Online Banking?

A.6) You can find SBI Online Banking username while you activated your SB Net Banking Account Online. If you completed the procedure offline, you can find your username in the SBI Internet banking kit.

Q.7) What is CIF Number in SBI?

A.7) CIF Number stands for Customer Information File Number. You can find it on your Bank Passbook and Account Statement. CIF Number is a digital file that contains all the important account related details of the SBI Account holder. It is an 11 digit number which represents the file and is unique for every customer. All the acounts of customer are linked to only one CIF number.

Q.8) What is the Profile Password for SBI Online?

A.8) Profile Password in SBI Online is used for performing any transactions. For example:- For transfer of funds, adding a beneficiary etc.


Hope that now you complete SBI Net Banking Online Registration process easily. It doesn’t take much time to register and complete SBI Online Banking Activation. You just need your Debit Card and registered mobile number to activate SBI Net Banking. Online process takes less than 5 minutes to complete. However, the process may take about half an hour or more, if you are planning to register for SBI Net Banking by visiting the SBI Home Branch.

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